Working in a choice of mediums, Pencil, Chalk Pastel, Watercolour or Acrylics in the style of Oils, Josie will produce a Portrait to treasure for years to come. One animal or several in one picture, a favourite location or toy, a range of styles and sizes – it’s your portrait so, if you don’t see what you want listed in the guide prices, please get in touch for a  quotation.

If you are commissioning a portrait as a gift, you may prefer to give Art Gift Vouchers.

Choose your favourite photos.
If you are not sure that your photos are suitable, Josie is happy to advise or can arrange to have a selection of reference photos taken for you if possible

Decide on the size and format.
You can ask Josie to portray one animal or several in one picture, and you can choose from a range of styles and sizes. The prices quoted are for a single animal in a portrait – for 2 animals, double the price, 3 animals are treble the price etc. The choices are Head Only, which actually includes shoulders (if the pet is one that has shoulders, not really relevant for snakes or fish), or Whole Body. Sizes quoted are all approximate and ALL portraits are supplied unframed.

Choose your medium by looking at the Gallery.
◦ Pencils- either black and white or coloured pencil drawings on paper, mounted ready to frame.
◦ Chalk Pastels – a large soft image on white or coloured paper.
◦ Watercolours – a very detailed portrait on watercolour paper, mounted ready to frame.
◦ Acrylics in the style of oil paints – on canvas board, paper or stretched canvas.
◦ Oils – alkyd oil paints on stretched canvas (please ask for a quotation)

Think about the background for your picture
You may like to included a scene  or particular items such as collar and toys. See “Photography

If an item is to be sent in the post I will not have it framed, but for local deliveries or collection in person, I can arrange the framing with a local framer.

Request your quote
Please complete the form to request a quote.

Place your order
Pay 25% deposit by BACS, cash or cheque. The balance is payable on completion of the portrait.

Price guide

Prices are for guidance only. Please ask for a quote.